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1. What's the 365-day return policy?

Bread Bosses accepts returns within 365 days of the purchase date at checkout and will provide a full refund, especially if you can't make thousands of European style loafs for life with our products! :) Free return shipping will be provided to the customer at no extra cost. The returned product must meet these qualifications:

  • In the same condition as received
  • In its original box and/or packaging

For returns contact:

(Please include date of purchase, name in your email, and return reason.)

2. What is the shipping time?

Standard shipping time is: 6-8 days

Expedited shipping time is: 3-5 days

3. Can I put the banneton in the oven as it bakes?

NOOOO.... Please do not. These bannetons are used to "rise" your dough in preparation BEFORE it is placed in the oven. Once your dough has "rised" then you can continue as your baking recipe suggests. As mentioned, DO NOT place the banneton inside of an oven for baking/extreme temperature purposes.

4. I clean my cloth linen after every use but now it SHRUNK! I can't cover the inside of the banneton anymore...

Don't worry! To avoid this from happening to you, I recommend to clean it occasionally -- but not often! To clean the linen, brush it instead of washing it with soap and water (washing with soap and water will ruin the tightness and quality of the linen over time).

Often times, it can be dusted off and left to dry in a cool place. If you get a lot of sticky dough and flour on the linen and prefer a clean one... Here's a cool boss trick! :)

  1. Place the cloth liner in a bowl of cool water overnight (so the dough is loose by morning) 
  2. Brush off the flour and dough that's left on it in the morning or afternoon (you can do this by letting water run down on it if that makes it a bit easier.)
  3. Then hang dry! :)

5. What's the linen cloth for?
Yes, I thought the same thing when I first used the banneton. The linen cloth is used to cover the inside of the banneton but not required. :)

The linen liner provides less "stickiness" in-between the dough and basket itself. It is a good aid for beginners and highly recommend! After a couple of uses as you get more comfortable you can stop using the liner. 

If you do not use the liner the rings are more visible on the artisan bread but you will equally get a similar result with the liner.

6. What is the best type of flour to use in my banneton as the dough sits in the banneton?

Many bakers ask this because they want to find ways to reduce stickiness from the dough to the basket. I always recommend to cover the inside of the banneton with rice flour. Rice flour has properties that make the dough slip right out while still allowing optimal proofing in your dough! :)

7. What is your privacy policy?

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8. What is your cookies policy?

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9. What is your Terms and Conditions?

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